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For trekking in Nepal you need not have a rigorous training and previous climbing experience or technical expertise but a good preparation and reasonable physical fitness. Some sensible preparation before arriving in Nepal serves good during the trekking experience. Some preparation at least few months prior to the adventure, on regular basis, shall help trekkers like you enjoy the trekking experience without serious physical injury.
Aerobic preparation, physical strength and mental preparation are the major components of trekking preparation. You can undergo walking, jogging, cycling, hiking on shorter destinations helps in strengthening leg muscles and building stamina. On the trekking expeditions in Nepal, trekkers need to have stamina, confidence and continuity while speed has to be slow and gradual. You need to be on regular exercise, though light, so that you don’t lessen the level of your physical fitness. Make sure that all the exercises you do isn’t on plain lands as you have to encounter hilly terrains during your trekking expedition in Nepal. Get prepared for narrow paths, vertiginous bridges and challenging passes depending on the trail you choose.

For trekking in Nepal, trekkers need to have mental preparation as well. You may go on the trekking expedition of more than couple of weeks that requires endurance and willingness to complete the trek. Difference in the landscape from that of your native place, subtle impact on the body due to the exposure to high altitude and difference of culture, food, and lifestyle may create stress and discomfort to trekkers. Get mentally prepared for that.

Besides the above mentioned areas, trekkers should be comfortable with the trekking shoe before beginning trekking trip, carry on a lighter backpack during the trek, pack some multi-functioning clothes, get few useful gadgets, secure the trekking pass earlier and get some cultural information related to the trekking expedition you pursue. Remember that the trek isn’t a competition so you go slow and steady to avoid the problem of altitude sickness, especially on a trekking trail above 3000 meters.
Thus, careful and proper trekking preparation is a must for a successful trekking experience in the beautiful, exciting and diverse trekking trails of Nepal.

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