04 nights 05 days Bhutan Tour

04 Nights 05 Days Bhutan Tour

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Bhutan, the land of thunderbolt is popular for its unique cultural identity which it has been preserving since long back. Being a the Himalayan Kingdom, the country was remained uninformed to the rest of the world for a long time and due to this country was lucky enough to preserve its unique cultural identity.

Like Nepal, Bhutan is also a landlocked country. India borders Bhutan from east, west and south whereas China shares the border with this small south Asian country in the north.

Although the country has no access to the sea but the mountains, dzongs, Buddhist cultures and its art and architectures have been attracting thousands of people every year.

The country is so simple and calm that Bhutan was ranked eighth happiest countries in the world some time back.

The houses in Bhutan, especially in its capital Thimpu, are colourful which is very attractive for almost every tourist. Most of the dzongs were built in the 17th century and are regarded as a master piece of Bhutanese art and architecture. The specialty of these dzongs is that not even a single nail is used in its joints.

The essence of spirituality is well felt here. The colour of walls, beams and pillars of the dzongs portray the true Buddhist tradition.

The 04 Nights 05 Days Bhutan tour, on the other hand, is an extended version of 03 nights 04 days Bhutan Tour package leading you to Thimpu, Punakha and Wangduephodrang.

Thimpu sightseeing:

Thimpu is a colourful valley and also a major attraction of 04 nights 05 days Bhutan Tour. It captures your heart at first sight or you can say you fall in love with this beautiful city at the first sight. We will be visiting Trashichhoedzong. It is a fortress based monastery which was built in medieval period. A destination is a place from where entire Bhutan is administered. Most of the government offices are based here. The specialty of this place is that you will get an opportunity to see King’s throne room here.

Similarly, you will visit National Library. There are numerous books found here and most of them expose Buddhist culture and tradition to you. A visit to Traditional School of Arts and Crafts will let you know why Bhutan is able in preserving its unique cultural identity. A lot of students study paintings here, Thanka painting. We will pay our visit to Textile and Heritage Museum too.

While at noon we will be visiting Handicrafts Emporium. Here you will see hand woven cloths which are on sale. Moreover, the Memorial Chorten is another place to visit. The chorten was built in the memory of the Third King of Bhutan who is regarded as the father of modern Bhutan.

We drive to Punakha in late noon. We cross Dochula Pass here. We will spend a night at Punakha.


Paro is located at a driving distance of 1.5 hours from Thimpu. The site is regarded as the tourist capital of Bhutan. Taktsang Monastery is the main destination of our visit at Paro. This monastery is also known as Tiger’s Nest in English.

04 nights 05 days Bhutan Tour becomes incomplete without Paro sightseeing.It is a place where Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated. Guru Rimpoche is a renowned figure in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. He also practiced meditation in Muktinath in Nepal.

This monastery was built in the eighth century. It is a kind of perch on a rock. You get a beautiful view from here. As per legends, Rimpoche came here from Tibet flying on tigress back and meditated here for three months.

Kinchu Temple is another place we visit. It is one of the 108 temples those were built by Tibetan King ShrongchongGampo in the seventh century. Similarly, we will also visit National Museum in Paro.


The visit to Punakha, the next beautiful attraction of 04 nights 05 days Bhutan Tour is blissful. It (Punakhadzong) served as a religious administrative center of Bhutan back then. It was built by ShabdrungNgawangNamgyal in 1637 at the confluence of Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers. Mo is regarded female and Pho as male.

This dzong has left a deep mark in the history of this Himalayan Kingdom. It was damaged by fire four times and hit by earthquakes several times.

While on the way to Punakha there comes a place called Dochula Pass. It is av popular vantage point from where on a clear day you get beautiful view of Bhutanese mountains— Masagang (7,158m), Tsendagang (6,960m), Terigang (7,060m ), Jejegangphugang (7,158 m ), Kangphugang (7,170 m ), Zongphugang (7, 060 m ) and GangkarPuensum, the highest peak in Bhutan at 7,497m.


Wangdephodrang is the popular local market of Bhutan. The dzongs here are also renowned for many people of the world. It is a kind of artistic site where you can buy bamboo products, slate and stone carvings.

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