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Nepal is home to some of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal, from the routes in the Annapurna region to the glamour of the routes leading to the Everest region. However, there are other trekking routes which are less explored, geographically remote and scantly visited by the adventure seekers. Though many of the then restricted trekking regions were opened by the government in 1991, many of the trekking regions are still unexplored by the trekkers. Hidden in the various areas of the Himalayas and seldom noticed by the adventurers, these off the beaten path trekking offers tranquil and quaint environment, unaltered cultural and traditional values, remote lifestyle shielded away from the modern influence, authentic cuisine and raw adventure and excitement to the backpackers. In addition to that, trekkers can get information on the rare flora and fauna, different species of birds, animals and vegetation as well as unspoiled landscape and unseen side of this enchanting nation. We offer the trekking packages to once hidden valley of Upper Mustang, the serene trail in the Kanchenjunga and the pristine natural habitat to the base of Makalu Peak.

Off the beaten trekking has in store a wide diversity of landscape, scenery, wildlife, flora and fauna and culture, lifestyle and traditions. From the arid landscape of the Upper Mustang region including its unique culture and traditions more close to the Tibetan culture and tradition across the Himalayas to the lush and verdant landscape, rhododendron forests and polished granite cliffs of the Makalu Base Camp region, the diversity and uniqueness witnessed is exceptional. Gompas and stupas, temples and statues, prayer flags and holy threads, monks and priests in these trekking regions provide an idea of the degree of contrasts and uniqueness provided to the trekkers.

While the Upper Mustang Trek leads trekkers to the arid landscape, whitewashed houses and gompas located in the hillsides of the elevations eroded by the strong winds, Kanchenjunga Trekking takes you to the lush areas with fertile plains and torrential rivers. This contrast of the Trans Himalayan region and the eastern part of Nepal is something extraordinary. From the culture of Thakalis to the traditional values of Rai community, off the beaten path trekking has everything to offer to the trekkers; tranquility and less crowded trails are the specialty of these trekking regions. Overall, we can say that Off The Beaten Path Trekking trails offers unique culture, traditions, scenery, landscape, vegetation, flora and fauna.

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