Kayaking in Nepal

Floating close to the grueling white water, with tides and waves continuously splashing cold and hot water on the body with blades fighting against the tide and moving forward in different pace, mostly fast pace. This description closely matches the feel of going on a kayaking expedition in the torrential and fast paced rivers of Nepal. Kayaking is the use of a small narrow boat propelled by a double bladed paddle where the kayaker sits facing forward, legs in front and using the blade to pull front-to back on one side and then the other in rotation. Most of the kayaks are closed decked with paddlers in sit-on-top position.

History of Kayaking
The history of kayaking is traced back to the use of kayak by the Eskimos in the Arctic region, thousands of years ago. Used mostly for fishing and hunting, these ancient kayaks used animal skulls and skins. Adolf Anderle was the first person to kayak down the Salzachofen Gorge, believed to be the beginning of the modern day white-water kayaking. Introduced in Olympics in 1936, Kayaking was a mainstream sport in the United States in the 1970s after which the popularity of this sport rose. The increasing popularity of this sport also led to evolution of kayaks and related gears.
While rafting began in Nepal in 1975, kayaking also started along with the water sport in due course of time. Rafting companies offer the kayaking packages along with the rafting, canoeing and other adventurous sports.

Rivers and packages for Kayaking in Nepal
Kayaking is an individual water sport using a kayak, the lightweight one-person boat with special floatation devices inserted, and moving ahead in the river understanding the river flows and rapids. Nepal offers a diverse range of rivers and thereby different levels of kayaking, in terms of challenges and difficulties. From a beginner to an experienced kayak, kayaking companies offer variety of kayaking in different rivers of Nepal.

Single Day Trips
These kayaking trips cover a single day and are popular among the adventure seekers who are short of time. Trishuli River and Upper Seti River are some of the popular kayaking trips in Nepal. While Seti River is steep, technical, non-stop and grade 3-4 river in the Pokhara valley, Trishuli River is more popular river with exciting, pool and drop rapids that runs just outside Kathmandu towards Chitwan and Pokhara.

2-3 Day Adventure Kayaking Trips
These kayaking trips cover couple of days and more with the camping in the river beaches along the route of kayaking. Exploring the scenic and diverse landscape the trip covers relatively longer time as compared to the single day trip. Lower Seti, Marshyangdi and Kali Gandaki Rivers are some of the most popular rivers in Nepal where companies offer such kayaking packages. While Seti River offers diverse landscape, contrasting scenes, suspension bridges, beautiful sandy beaches and the ending near the Chitwan National Park, Marsyangdi River has steep, challenging and continuous rapids with mountain views and easy connection to beautiful Bandipur. Another popular river of Kali Gandaki is the best all-round river in Nepal with mountains, jungles, villages and temples, suspension bridges and gorges and many more.

These are the kayaking trips that extend for more than couple of days, mostly over a week and in some of the most exciting rivers in Nepal. With several days of camping in sand beaches and campfire under the stars, kayakers explore some of the most remote landscapes and villages in Nepal. Sun Koshi River, Karnali River and Tamor River are some of the most popular rivers for multiday kayaking. Sun Koshi River, the River of Gold, has bouncy and exciting rapids and rated as one of the top ten river expeditions in the world. The longest river of Nepal, Karnali River has epic whitewater rapids that combines rapid and relaxed float.

Thus, the adventure of kayaking is one of the most exciting water sports adventure in Nepal that explores the landscape into the most remote areas and navigates through the diverse landscape, sacred areas such as Kali gandaki area and areas of pristine jungle rich in wildlife. Come and have the ultimate adventure in the most exciting rivers of the world. Happy Kayaking!

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