Heli Tours in Nepal

Do you have limited time at your disposal and yet you want to cherish the splendors of nature and experience airborne exploration of the diverse landscape, scenic diversity and get the best out of the time, heli tours in Nepal is the best experience. In short period of time, you can get to the vicinity of the snow-clad and glittering mountain peaks, almost within touching distance to these marvels of nature, close to the wildlife habitation, hover around the tranquil hills and valleys and experience other wonders of nature.

Why choose a heli tour in Nepal?
Time is the basic factor behind the reason most of the tourists consider the option of heli-tour in Nepal, provided you can lighten up your pocket a bit. Generally it happens that you don’t have sufficient time to reach to the place you desire, yet you have a strong desire for that. Heli tour is the solution for you.

Unique experience from the helicopter tour is another benefit from the heli tour in Nepal. Pleasurable and thrilling airspace journey through heli tour in Nepal is embarked upon to explore the vastness of Himalayas, to hover over the lush valleys of hills, breathtaking sceneries of urban and rural areas, bird-eye view of the architecturally and culturally significant sites and heritages and many more.

Avoiding physical challenge yet being rewarded with the lifetime memory is another reason to choose heli tour. If you have problem with exploring the rugged terrain in the Himalayan landscape, strenuous trails in the remote areas, adapting to the thin air and have some health related issues that prevent you from embarking on much desired trekking expedition to the lap of Himalayas.

What to expect?
A lot of excitement, thrill and beauty! From viewing the majestic Himalayas and other peaks in straight line of site to the hills and glittering glaciers, from pristine rivers and lakes to the colorful and dense forests with a lot of wildlife diversity, heli tour in Nepal provides the flyers with amazing experiences.

Expect the stop at Kalapatthar if you choose to land in the lap of the world’s tallest peak of Mount Everest, expect the shorter treks and hike to be combined with the flight over to the remote terrain and also expect to fly to the home of some of the rarest wildlife both in the Himalayas, hills and the plains of Nepal. You can also expect to fly to the sacred pilgrimage of Muktinath (that blends in Hindu and Buddhist culture), explore the surrounding areas and fly back to Kathmandu valley. Take a heli-tour and have an aperitif on the vicinity of the majestic Himalayas in front of you or right on the vicinity of eternal ice of Glacier.

Fly over the vibrant Kathmandu valley for a sightseeing of the medieval heritages of architectural excellence, marvel the panoramic view of the beautiful lakes and mountains in the scenic Pokhara valley, reach to the home of wild and tropical vegetation of Chitwan and explore the other desired destinations in a short period of time without physical and strenuous efforts on your part.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for heli tour in Nepal and have an aerial view of the natural, scenic, biotic, and monumental diversities of this enchanting Himalayan nation, the land of mysticism and the abode of Gautam Buddha.

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