Ultimate Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

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Planning for a trek to Nepal yet uncertain which trek to go up against? Picking the correct trek as a rule relies on upon how long you need to trek and what kind of budget you have prepared for yourself. A few treks can be done without anyone else supporting you but similarly some treks will need you to have some assistance of experts such as a guide to finish your trek. Whatever your decision is, trekking in Nepal is one of the best things that you can do in all of Asia. So in no specific case if you’re searching for something more remote, consider the Manaslu Circuit Trek which was named as the “New Annapurna” upon its opening. Aside from the extremely different geology which fluctuates in height, you stroll in a circuit which implies the trail before you continues changing and is never the same.

The course circumnavigates Mt. Manaslu (8,156 m), which is the eighth most elevated mountain on the planet just before achieving its most elevated point of Larkya La Pass. Because of the assortment of landscape and remoteness, we have prepared an “Ultimate Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek” down below.

Highlights of the trek:

  • It is far less trekked upon than the more notable associates treks to Everest region and Annapurna region as there are still around 10 times less trekkers on the Manaslu Trail currently.
  • The trek is wild and remote, yet there are teahouses at consistently location, so trekkers don’t have to bring tents and food along with them.
  • The initial segment of the trail takes after the Buri Gandaki, a profound, long stream, with numerous suspension bridges connecting the intersections.
  • You’ll trek from the subtropical wilderness at lower rises, through the Himalayan foothills to the high, cool and testing intersections of the Larkya La Pass over 5,100 meters/17,000 feet.

Best Season:

This trek can be ideally done from the seasonal time periods of March-May and October-November. Each season is exquisite in its very own way thus the decision is truly yours however do take note of the Larkya La Pass will be shut by snow amid the winter so you can’t go to Manaslu Base Camp and the Tibetan Boarder around then. What’s more, the teahouse in Dharmasala stays shut in January and February. Rhododendrons begin to blossom and by mid-May you will see climbing endeavors around Manaslu Base Camp.

October to November is ostensibly the best time to trek in Manaslu – ten out of ten! It is neither excessively hot or excessively frosty, the sky is blue and perspectives of the snow mountains are impeccably evident. It is likewise the perfect time to climb the Larkya Peak. On the drawback, this perfect window of time pulls in others as well.

Restricted Permits:

Do you need a permit for trekking in Manaslu region? Yes, you require a restricted trekking permit for the Manaslu Trek. Solo trekkers are not permitted, a base gathering size of 2 is required. Along these lines, the Nepal Government has pronounced the Manaslu Region (specifically from Jagat and Dharapani) a limited region to control tourism in the locale. Therefore, free trekkers are not permitted in Manaslu and trekkers are liable to acquiring an uncommon section allow. The administration governs additionally state there must be at least two trekkers in a gathering, joined by a nearby guide. Moreover, your permit must be prepared through an enlisted organization. If it’s not too much trouble note that independent or freelance guides can’t issue the needed restricted permits for the Manaslu Circuit.

Altitude Sickness:

One of the genuine issue that majority of trekkers need to confront amid their trek is High Altitude Sickness. Given that the greater part of us can barely prepare and plan at such heights, this is a genuine sympathy toward everybody except nothing to be excessively centered around. Furthermore, this is particularly most worrisome surprisingly for trekkers who have never been in territories with such high altitudes. So no doubt it’s a test which must be confronted in a trek regularly by the trekkers who climb too swiftly, which doesn’t permit sufficient measure of time for their body to acclimate to the adjustments noticeable all around with decrease of Oxygen level.

Do recollect that typically it is exceptionally important to plan few days in terms of acclimatization days in the midst of the trek which can become an extremely basic component for the welfare and comfort of trekkers heading towards the base camp. Try not to attempt to climb too rapidly. Nonetheless, the best cure for AMS is to plummet/descend down.


Accessibility: 8 hours from Kathmandu.

Starts at Aurughat or Gorkha and concludes at Besisahar.

The trailhead of the Manaslu Circuit trek is the nearest to Kathmandu of the significant Nepalese treks. All things considered, it’s as yet a bold 126 km (80 miles) drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, which takes around 6 hours by jeep (suggested) or 8+ hours by open transport. On the off chance that street conditions are testing (which is regularly the case at the last part of the rainstorm in September) you may need to begin strolling in Arughat, which includes an additional day.

Guide and Porters:

porters in manaslu region

A guide is a man with years of trekking experience who checks everything during the trek so that if any problem rises he/she can help you overcome those problems. Having guide has become a necessity for a safe and secured trekking but in the case of Manaslu Circuit Trek, trekkers need to have at least one guide in order to get the required permits, mainly because the trekking trail falls under the “Restricted Area” in Nepal. And also commonly in Nepal a guide can when all is said in done can cost around $25-30 per day with porter may cost around $15-20 per day. In any case, having a guide around can significantly increase the chances for you to explore some unfamiliar regions or places during your trek which can be a major highlight of your entire trek. Having a guide can additionally help you in the case if you need emergency evacuations like a Helicopter rescue.

Food and Accommodation:

With an essential teahouse routes, Manaslu Circuit Trek itself from an outdoors trek to a teahouse trek. Dissimilar to outdoors, you won’t have to cook your foods as the tea houses along the route can provide you with needed amounts of foods for your trek endeavor. The tea houses in Manaslu regions are essentially standard. The teahouses generally have a menu with a wide assortment of delicacies with some noted price values. Be that as it may, you can’t contrast it with other standard treks like Annapurna and Everest. The cost of dishes is less expensive in the lower segment of the trail and will get costlier as you move higher. The accessibility of nourishment on the menu can be restricted when you go higher, on the grounds that there is no icy storeroom for meat and crisp vegetables. Thus, it is prescribed to keep away from meat at the upper segment of the trail.

Diverse individuals have distinctive cravings and tastes. Some are content with a solitary supper, while others like to begin with a drink and hors d’oeuvres and after that complete with a delightful pastry. By and large, 18 $ for every individual for each day is useful for fundamental dinners i.e. breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Fitness Level:

In essential words, on the off chance that you can walk couple of hours for couple of days then it will come as a favorable position to you amid your trek. Take some time out and set yourself up for the forthcoming endeavor in light of the fact that once you begin strolling through the Himalayas you will require all your physical wellness with you to complete your trek effectively. Additionally, something else about being fit is that it helps you to efficiently go through inclines, woodlands and make your trek more delightful which thus should help you accomplish your fantasy trip in Nepal.

On a very basic level, you are additionally prescribed to get required in some sort of physical activities that will improve your fitness level. It might sound unconventional yet taking some long separation climbs can be a general approach to prepare yourself for your trek. Likewise, cardio rehearses and working out on your legs are exceedingly suggested. So basically put some sort of physical effort with uplifting standpoints and you will be set up to trek in Nepal.

Travel Insurance:

It is profoundly prescribed to be given or acquire a legitimate “Travel Insurance” on the off chance that you wish to make an outing to Nepal. In actuality, trekking in Nepal without a legitimate Travel Insurance should not be even considered as Nepal offers such a large number of provincial trekking areas/routes which don’t have any sort of crisis administrations for explorers and trekkers alike who may get lost or injured during their trek. So having a Travel Insurance beyond any doubt can prove to be useful if your trek begins going south. Do take note of that while choosing travel insurance for your trek in Nepal, make sure to purchase an arrangement that will cover high elevation trekking including helicopter evacuations if necessary.

Things to Pack:

With its wide variety of altitude and atmosphere it’s difficult to pack all the correct things for the Manaslu trek.

From 600 m at Soti Khola, to 5,179 m over the Larkya Pass; from thick woods to cold trail, in sun, rain and snow well you see the issue! So begin by bringing or purchasing a 60-liter rucksack and a little day pack (discretionary in the event that you are wanting to convey your own knapsack yet basic on the off chance that you are procuring a porter). These can be effectively be purchased, or even leased in Thamel on the off chance that you don’t have your own. Presently leave superfluous things away at your lodging in Kathmandu.

Keep in mind this is a roundabout trek so you can’t leave stuff in transit and hope to lift it up in transit back! A resting sack and a down coat for those chilly mornings and high elevations are an absolute necessity. Again you can purchase or lease these items in Thamel. A couple of lavish things, for example, Solar charger, down booties, iPod, Kindle, GPS and other electronic contraptions that you favor can be taken as well, however it thoroughly relies on you.

Manaslu with Tsum Valley:

tsum valley

On the off chance that you have extra free days, a trip including the famous Tsum Valley can be scheduled upon your request. It will broaden your trek for one more week by adding the side excursion to Tsum Valley to your agenda if you want. Tsum Valley is considerably more remote than the principle Manaslu trail, and has astounding perspectives, including the celebrated view point above Mu Gompa. So it is highly recommended for travelers who have some more free days to go traveling around the isolated regions of Tsum Valley. At the end of the day, why not let your heart talk and see if it wants to explore the mystical elements of Nepal hidden within the Tsum Valley or not.

Eventually, we trust that the previously mentioned above points have provided you some sort of profound information’s with respect to the hardships of the Manaslu Circuit Trek which can help you prepare/plan for the trek all the more efficaciously. So feel free and go for the Manaslu Circuit Trek right away to see the true grandeur of the Himalayan nation.

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