Brief Description of Mount Kanchenjunga

November 7, 2016 admin
Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga  from the eastern Nepal is the preceding mountain on the eastern frame of Nepal with the elevation of 8586 meters from sea level and is the third highest mountain in the world.  It is not only prominent in Nepal even people from the India also worship the five summit of Kanchenjunga. Being on the life-threatening inaccessible section of eastern Nepal , the government has declared itself as the restricted area trekking in Nepal which means no foreigner are allowed the explore the virgin beauty of Kanchenjunga alone, at least one guide should be accompanied the trek.  Special restricted permit are required to visit Mount Kanchenjunga and it is little cheap permit in compare to other restricted treks in Nepal (i.e. US $ 10 per person per weak) that’s why many visitor visit this area every year. Despite the challenge of geographical remoteness and another factor also Kanchenjunga is able to attract the foreignness only because of its isolated beauty and virginity.

As the region is less swarming there is no such fixed travel plan for the Kanchenjunga Trek. It can be accomplished with the help of Luxury Holiday Treks a malleable travel company from Nepal which makes the schedule for the trek after the discussion along with the clients depending upon their time duration, Endurances, budget and other ranges and predilections. Habitually trek can be accompanied with the tea house or local home stay and camping trekking as per request. The maximum elevation during the trek is 5140 m from sea level so health insurance of trekkers can be reflected as the aroma in gold in case of medical emergency and rescue from High Mountain. Luxury Holiday Treks possess an ability to conduct private trek to Kanchenjunga at any time as per request so please feel free to contact us to fulfil a hunger of Kanchenjunga treks.


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